Zhytomyr is one of those regions that the russian missiles have targeted since the first day of the war. It is located right on the border with Belarus and on the main highway from the West of Ukraine to Kyiv.

Heavily destroyed patient wards, shattered windows, and damaged medical equipment – Ukrainian doctors still manage to provide medical services even under such conditions.

The Ukrainian healthcare center team continues to monitor and document attacks on the Ukrainian healthcare infrastructure.

Russian troops attacked more than 120 facilities during the first 50 days of the war. 6 such facilities are located in the Zhytomyr region.

Among them are maternity hospital, city hospitals, and some specialized healthcare facilities. Russians targeted all of them directly and intentionally during the first 3 weeks since the war started.

The maternity hospital was hit on March 1. Shattered windows, doors, and damaged wards all around the facility. 10 departments were damaged, including the intensive care unit. Newborns and pregnant women hid in the bomb shelter on the basement floor.

The next day, russians hit Narodytska City Hospital, damaging technical buildings and wards.

A couple of days later — on March 6 — russian troops heavily damaged Korosten City Hospital, leaving the building without 100 windows.

2 simultaneous attacks happened on March 9: City Hospital #1 and Children’s City Hospital. Both were left without windows but managed to stay operational.

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