Numbers of healthcare facilities under attack in the Zhytomyr region

Zhytomyr is one of those regions that the russian missiles have targeted since the first day of the war. It is located right on the border with Belarus and on the main highway from the West of Ukraine to Kyiv. Heavily destroyed patient wards, shattered windows, and damaged medical equipment – Ukrainian doctors still manage […]

Numbers of healthcare facilities under attack in Mykolaiv region

Mykolaiv is one of the biggest southern cities in Ukraine. It is the outpost of the Ukrainian fight against russians as well. Mykolaiv is fighting fiercely and strikes back all the attacks from the russian troops. Meanwhile, the enemy intensifies the number of missile attacks and uses cluster bombs, forbidden by international law. This is […]

How do we document russian war crimes against the healthcare system and where do we obtain the information?

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of russia to Ukraine, the Ukrainian Healthcare Center’s team has been recording russian war crimes against the healthcare system of Ukraine to hold russia accountable for its actions. We are explaining how our team collects the data, analyzes it, and how it will be used. Who collects the […]

The Destruction of Ukraine’s Healthcare During The War

A full-scale war has been unfolding in Ukraine since February 24, 2022. The Russian Armed Forces damaged dozens of hospitals and attacked medical professionals for the past weeks. However, not only medical professionals and institutions suffer: in besieged Mariupol, a child died of dehydration for the first time in decades. In the occupied territories, women […]